Our Iconic Brands

Scandza owns several iconic Scandinavian consumer brands.


Started by three brothers in 1951, Finsbråten specializes in quality meat products like bacon, sausages and cold cuts.

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With a heritage that goes back to 1928, Synnøve is the second largest supplier of quality cheese and yogurt in Norway.

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Specializing in kettle chips since the early nineties, Sørlandschips is the second largest producer of potato chips in Norway.

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Leiv Vidar

Leiv Vidar was established in 1950 by master sausage-maker Leiv Vidar. Since then, we have worked with the goal of making the very best sausages – in the universe! We make sausages with passion, generosity and rock ‘n’ roll.

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RÅ Juices & Smoothies. Everyone deserves pure, natural and raw experiences!

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Since 1928, cooking has been a passion for us at Brödernas. For more than 90 years, the company has grown and diversified, but the passion for great flavours, healthy eating and craftsmanship has passed unscathed through generations.

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Swedish food culture since 1925. It’s really not that hard to make top-quality sausages: All you need is the best Swedish meat, fine spices, the expertise and passion of a charcuterie master and his 125 colleagues, classic local recipes and influences from all over the world.

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“To top it, you gotta pop it”, we say here in Southern Norway. The POPPA line consists of carefully selected snacks products with less fat and fewer calories with the same great taste.

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Say hello to SØR, Norway’s freshest beer!

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Loved by Norwegians since 1970. In 1970, we introduced pizza to the Norwegian people. The real American pizza!

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