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Loved by Norwegians since 1970. In 1970, we introduced pizza to the Norwegian people. The real American pizza!

In 2008, we revolutionised the pizza market again by offering people the chance to make their very own Peppes pizza – at home. Scandza has had the pleasure of extending the Peppes brand to the grocery market. With Peppes DIY, we have built a significant category within the grocery segment over the past ten years. Peppes DIY is a series of tasty, traditional Peppes ingredients that allow you to create the delicious pizza – and the great moments that come with it – at home in your own kitchen.

Now we are making pizza history yet again by offering Norwegian the Peppes experience directly from the freezer. Simple and tasty! Finally, you can find the taste of Peppes in the frozen food section! This is Italian quality pizza with a light, slow-rising crust that is pre-cooked in a wood-fired oven, topped with carefully selected ingredients. We have made two varieties of the most popular pizzas in our restaurant menu in addition to a vegetarian variety – all of them with the familiar great taste of Peppes.