Our commitment to sustainability

Proud to serve our kids – by the way we produce our food and by the products we offer.

From farm to table – and beyond; our goal is that every product we produce is the best within its category. From locally sourced ingredients to recyclable packaging, we leave no stone unturned to enable consumers to make sustainable choices for their own health – and the health of the planet.

Scandza is in a unique position to contribute to the world reaching the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. At the same time, we have a particular responsibility to do so. We produce food and beverages, using resources that take a toll on the environment and the climate. How we manage these resources is crucial to us as a company.

We have identified a series of sustainable development goals that we, through our business, will help the world reach. In everything we do, we will consider how we affect our employees, local communities, consumers and the planet, and make this a decisive factor.