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Specializing in kettle chips since the early nineties, Sørlandschips is the second largest producer of potato chips in Norway.

We are so proud of our story, we print it on all of our bags, but of course we’ll let you read the crispy tale here too!

So, one of our friends came home from Canada with some incredibly scrumptious potato chips in his backpack. None of us had tasted anything like it. The chips were thick slices of unpeeled potatoes slowly fried over extra low heat – in real peanut oil. Obviously, it would be a bit of a hassle to go all the way from Norway to Canada every time we wanted some chips, so we decided to make them ourselves.

We started with a thorough market analysis. We poured regular potato chips into one bowl and the Canadian chips into another. While the customers in our local kiosk helped themselves to the chips, we were hiding behind some shelves, waiting to see which of the bowls would be emptied first.

Soon after, we sold everything we owned; we renovated a closed-down garage, brought kitchen utensils from home, and borrowed whatever we needed from friends. And less than two months after the Canada trip, the very first potato slices were simmering in our very own chips factory.

And as the saying goes: the rest is history.