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RÅ Juices & Smoothies. Everyone deserves pure, natural and raw experiences!

We like to think that we have cultivated an approach to our work that makes a difference and can be tasted. It is a RAW attitude towards natural and intense tasting experiences that makes your heart beat faster.

We call it pure rawness!..

RÅ cold-pressed juice contains only freshly pressed fruits and vegetables that are directly bottled after. No pasteurisation is needed! The secret is cold-press, or High Pressure Processing (HPP), a method that ensures quality while the wonderful taste and nutritional value of the natural ingredients are retained in the best possible way.

This is why RÅ juices cold-pressed have at least 30% more vitamin C and antioxidants than regular juice.

RÅ NORSK is a series of juices where we press the ultimate of Norwegian fruit from Hardanger, Norway’s orchard. When the fruit is at its best, we press as much as we can and freeze the juice so that we can serve Norwegian juice all year round.