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Swedish food culture since 1925. It’s really not that hard to make top-quality sausages: All you need is the best Swedish meat, fine spices, the expertise and passion of a charcuterie master and his 125 colleagues, classic local recipes and influences from all over the world.

Lindvalls Chark was founded in 1925 by Joel and Ellen Lindvall in the town of Strömsnäsbruk in Southern Småland, Sweden. Today, we manufacture around 3 million sausages every week and have an annual turnover of 24 million euros. In 2017, Lindvalls Chark joined the Scandza family along with its Norwegian mother company Leiv Vidar.

The secret to Lindvalls Chark’s success is not really a secret: Our 125 employees are all specialised in sausage manufacturing. They are passionate about sausages, keep up to date on the latest trends and develop customised products to meet our clients’ needs. The sausages are manufactured in a 5,000 square metres state-of-the-art production facility that offers full traceability to ensure the consistent, high quality that has made Lindvalls Chark a Scandinavian icon for almost a century.

Lindvalls Chark is Sweden and Denmark’s number one supplier of sausages to kiosks, gas stations and fast-food restaurants. We are also a major supplier to local shops in our region.