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Started by three brothers in 1951, Finsbråten specializes in quality meat products like bacon, sausages and cold cuts.

“We will always do our best to satisfy our customers, and we highly recommend us.”

Finsbråten’s first ad in the local newspaper is as true today as in 1951. To the tree meat-loving brothers, cooking started out as a shared hobby.

Frank, Osvald and Kåre Finsbråten spent virtually every night and weekend over pots, frying pans and meat grinders in their basement at home in Eidsvoll, Norway. They investigated new spices and smoking methods to develop the ultimate meat products. Soon, the rumour of the three meat specialists spread throughout Eidsvoll and beyond.

The Finsbråten company was founded in 1951. Today, the three brothers have been joined by many more, but in their minds, they are still in their basement in Eidsvoll. They spend a little more time making their products than others do, and their hearts beat a little faster for what they do. They believe great taste requires love and time.

Today, Finsbråten is an iconic brand in Norway, synonymous with great sausages, bacon, cold cuts, liver pâté, cured meat and fried products.