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Since 1928, cooking has been a passion for us at Bröderna & Deli. For more than 90 years, the company has grown and diversified, but the passion for great flavours, healthy eating and craftsmanship has passed unscathed through generations.

Bröderna & Deli was founded in 1928 by brothers Erik and Nils Nilsson. In our deli manufacturing facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, we produce a wide range of top-quality cold cuts with exciting flavours.

We focus on animal welfare, clean label production and health considerations without compromising exquisite taste. The result is products that not only taste good, but also do good.

Bröderna & Deli was the first on the market to launch a wide range of sliced and packaged cold cuts without any E numbers. These products, labelled “Brödernas Schyssta”, are now sold across Sweden and Denmark.

In 2019, we took a new step in our ongoing culinary journey. We are currently expanding our product range, bringing together the best family-owned deli producers worldwide with deli lovers who want genuine food experiences. We do this because we believe that there is more to enjoying food than just eating: It’s all about the origin, the craftsmanship and the story behind the product.

We are united with our customers and manufacturers in our passion for delicacies – and in our belief that real taste comes from authenticity.