Scandza is doing its utmost to secure food supplies

Several measures have been taken to secure food supplies from Bisca, Lindvalls, Brødrena & Deli, Synnøve Finden, Sørlandschips, Leiv Vidar, Finsbråten and all our brands.

All Scandza plants, including our ability to act in emergency situation, are certified by renowned certification agencies. In the current circumstances, our systems and people are put to a tough test.

As a key food supplier in Scandinavia, we are well aware of the pivotal role we play in securing supply of food. We take this role most seriously, and I am proud to report that our people go to work with pride every day, much aware of the purpose they serve for the good of millions of Scandinavians, says Sofie Oraug-Rygh

Our #1 priority is to continue to produce food

Scandza responded very early to the first indications of the severity of the crisis that seemed to be underway. Preventive and readiness measures were taken well ahead of governmental advice to secure employees, stop all travel, limit access to our premises and to mobilize backup teams to maintain production in an emergency.

It is a testimony to the strength of our quality dedication to see how our people have complied with the extraordinary guidelines, says Oraug-Rygh.

Social responsibility for production of food - everyone can help maintain supply.

Sacndza has 10 factories around Scandinavia and sales offices in Estonia and the UK. Millions of consumers in all these markets are more dependent on our effort than ever before. Likewise, we are equally dependent not only our own staff, but also governments, local municipalities and everyone else taking the precautionary advices most seriously.

Both authorities and our own employees are making extraordinary effort, demonstrating strong social responsibility and ensuring food is available to all of us in the grocery stores, says Oraug-Rygh

Readiness kept at high alert

Our measures are made to sustain considerable challenges for a substantial period of time.

We urge everyone to follows the authorities’ advice and join the mission of defeating this pandemic disease, so we can get back to normal as soon as possible, says Oraug-Rygh

Sofie Oraug-Rygh
Sofie Oraug-Rygh